Steven Universe S2 21-22

Steven Universe S2 21: Chill, Dorito

Pon. Maybe we should watch 22 and talk about them together?

Oto. Seems like it. Peridot is fucking adorable though. Just wanna say. I want her to be their sixth. Well, fifth, I guess. You get what I mean. Maybe she’s just being forced to do whatever the gem collective wants cause she’s actually the weakest one. She’s just smart, so she gets pushed around by the gem bullies to do the smart stuff.

Pon. Maybe. Why are you so into Dorito?

Oto. I already said, cause she’s fucking adorable.

Pon. You’re a simple man with simple needs.

Oto. Indeed.

Pon. Let’s talk about 22 now. 22. Go.

Oto. I just got the importance of Steven’s gem being on his belly button. Fun fact. So, why would the gems want to experiment with forced fusion? They can all fuse, right? Why not just convince their supporters to fuse through propaganda or something? I guess they didn’t want to sacrifice good lives on the cluster. It was more about whether or not they could repurpose broken gems, I suppose.

Pon. It seems pretty heinous, what they’re doing, but the show hasn’t talked in a while about how broken gems turn into horrible pokemon anyway. Remember that? That was a thing.

Oto. That’s true. I forgot that they were fighting broken gems in the beginning. And that that was a revelation at one point. Forced fusion has slightly worse implications, though.

Pon. They had this war, and then the consequences of that war reverberated … forever. War is bad. Don’t war.


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