Paranoia Agent 02

Paranoia Agent 02: sad

Pon. Kids are the worst. They don’t have some innocence superpower that cuts through the bullshit of adult cynicism or whatever. They’re like small animals. They haven’t learned empathy yet and they’re afraid of everything. So they tear each other apart to protect themselves.

Oto. I’m having a hard time coming up with things to say. I feel like this show is very straightforward.

Pon. This one made me legitimately really sad, I have to admit. It’s not like I haven’t seen this before, where kids are shitty to each other, but this one got to me.

Oto. Good, that means you’re not an asshole. It is very sad. It’s sad to see speculation ruin young lives. And it’s bad enough when adults are being shitheads, but fuckin kids, man.

Pon. Kids haven’t learned how to be human yet.

Oto. It’s all the media’s fault. Clearly.

Pon. Maybe there’s something to say about how the media will go ahead and broadcast whatever insubstantial scraps of information they have in the hopes that people will tune in the next day. Gotta get eyeballs on those ads.

Oto. Though, all it took for people to start being shitheads is those police guys going around just doing their job. Basically, people suck. Common theme, people suck. I noticed one thing, though. In both episodes we’ve watched so far there’s a situation that kinda makes you want to see some shithead character get what’s coming to them, then makes you feel really bad for thinking so.

Pon. I didn’t want to see anyone get hit in this one.

Oto. Maybe it’s just me. I didn’t really want to see him get hit. It’s just a potentially satisfying situation when the nice fat guy who tries his hardest gets credit over the sinister perfect guy.

Pon. There’s something about the character designs in this that makes me want to protect everybody, even the really creepy assholes. You know what I mean? The character designer was Masashi Andou from Ghibli, so I guess the guy knows how to draw a person you can sympathize with. He also did key animation for this episode … fuckin, look at me, channeling those people who know who every minor coffee-fetcher in the studio is. Actually I’m just channeling Google.


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