Symphogear G 10

Symphogear G 10: He had a dry spell last time, but the faces are back

Pon. I can get behind what’s happening late in the season here. They aren’t piddling around anymore. Now every episode ends in a worse place than the one before. It just keeps escalating, which is what I would’ve expected all along.

Oto. It’s what a show like this needs. You know, I say I like this show, but it seems to be the one that’s taking the longest to get through for me.

Pon. What I was saying last time we watched this is that it unfortunately ended up on our schedule between two shows I’d rather be watching. I don’t hate it, but I still have the complaint I had in S1. It isn’t enough like itself. There need to be arms coming off and new arms made of pure rage growing in their place all the damn time.

Oto. I kinda like Miku’s gear now. It’s got a sweet blade hat. And Gundam legs. And lasers. I’m okay with it.

Pon. I know you said this last time, and I gave some flippant answer, but seriously, why the fuck do people believe Ver? What the hell is it about this guy and his constant O-faces that compels girls under the age of 18 to do whatever he wants? He gives Miku his sales pitch for like 7 seconds, and that’s all it takes.

Oto. This is what I was saying! Who in their right mind would listen to this asshole? At least Miku is actually being brainwashed. I can’t speak for the rest of them, though. And why does blond girl want to kill her friend now? I think I missed something.

Pon. You didn’t miss anything, people just changed their minds a lot in this one.

Oto. I feel so bad for the soldiers in this show. How must they feel? They joined the military to make a difference. To protect their country and, in light of recent events, the world. But they stand absolutely no chance against these teenaged girls in power armor. It’s a little sad, really. They spent years training for this. Their whole lives were spent working for this, and for what? To end up as an ash pile. Lt. Jerry McAsshole was just following in his dad’s footsteps. The McAssholes have been military men for generations. He just wanted to make his daddy proud and protect his country. But all it takes to be a soldier these days is pubescent angst and a little singing talent.

Pon. The U.S. military definitely has the second-highest body count in this show after Japanese civilians. Then again, in this show they’re basically the SS. Also there are no women soldiers apparently. Hang on, should we talk about how the producer guy is a ninja or a water wizard or Jesus Christ or something? I like how there are these superpowered men around too, but the show just happens not to be about them. Technically speaking, that’s how you do world-building.

Oto. If I had anything else to say it’s long-forgotten. All I can think about now is Jerry and what they’re going to tell his daughter back home.

Pon. I figured we wouldn’t have much for this one anyway because it’s a bunch of fighting. Which is what I want! But it doesn’t exactly facilitate deep analysis. When the fighting’s a metaphor for something, Miku’s love or whatever, it’s always really obvious, and the characters talk about it for five solid minutes. So there’s not much left for us to do.


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