Kyousougiga 07

Kyousougiga 07: You're tearing me apart

Pon. This is where I get my sympathy for the siblings back. Despite the fact that they’re in charge of the place, they can’t tell the mom not to touch the screens or whatever. They don’t know how to act around her. And then when the dad shows up, they’re just afraid. They don’t act like kids with healthy relationships with their parents. They act like little dogs that’ve been kicked around.

Oto. Not only is this shifty motherfucker a piss-poor god, he’s also a shitty husband and parent. Good to know.

Pon. There are some good shots in this episode where characters have to move across rooms to reach each other. Did you notice that?

Oto. No.

Pon. … Okay, good. Did you notice how when the dad started dissolving things at the end, it was just the stuff that’d been put there since he left?

Oto. I did notice that one. What an asshole. Once you left the place it’s fair game, motherfucker. Don’t give me that “Oh, this is my artwork!” bullshit.

Pon. He gave Yakushimaru his beads, too. Well, maybe you don’t know the significance of that yet. But what I’m saying is, he left the place to them. No take-backs, Dad. Fuck.


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