Choujin Sentai Jetman 35-36

Choujin Sentai Jetman 36: Art

Oto. Unfortunately, due to her putting it off for so long, the disease had progressed to such a degree that it was incurable.

Pon. This pollution-is-bad plot is making me realize that Captain Planet was pretty super sentai. They just needed to crawl into his chest and pilot him.

Oto. Fuck yeah it was. Too bad it kinda sucked.

Pon. Captain Planet was awesome. Fuck you. Fucking LeVar Burton was in it.

Oto. They wasted the fucking gun guy! They finally just made a gun dude. The costume was cool. Solid all around. And he was a fucking dumbass. They’re right, Tran. You do suck. On a side note. Kaori ate a cow. Like, a whole cow. How is she not traumatized?

Pon. I dunno. I keep wondering if they’re going to do something with the Jetmans having super-strength even when they’re out of suit. They seem to have forgotten about that since episode 2. Like, in that scene where Ako had to carry the girl in the wheelchair, why didn’t she pick up the entire wheelchair?


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