Hyouka 04

Hyouka 04: Word attack

Oto. You gotta fight. For your right. To cultural festival for 5 days. I was gonna say, “That’s it?” But if I was back in highschool and they tried to pull that shit I’d be all over it. Thing is, though, that maybe solves one mystery, but what they’re ultimately trying to figure out is what Chitanda’s uncle said to her and why it’s such a big deal. Still gotta figure that one out.

Pon. This is the episode where I figured it wasn’t going to be a traditional mystery story in the sense of, like, the detective walks into a room and pulls clues out of nowhere and saves the day. It could’ve been that. Oreki could’ve been that guy. But it turns out to be more like a slice of life show about the kinds of people who can spend three hours on Wikipedia. It’s not like the mystery feel goes away, but it’s almost beside the point. Does that make sense?

Oto. It does, and I like this better honestly. I’d rather watch this than something like Detective Conan. It feels more natural. This episode felt like sitting in a room with friends.

Pon. I’m a little impressed that this show acknowledges actual history and the effect that big historical moments have on individuals and families. It’s something you don’t realize isn’t very common until it comes up.


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