Steven Universe S2 19-20

Steven Universe S2 19: god mom it's just a sword

Pon. Oh no. Steven. 19 gets really sad in the last five seconds.

Oto. You know, why can’t the gem monsters be all legs? Why always arms? Why does it have to be arms? Always. This was a fun episode. How does Connie’s mom not realise that the monster that’s made of arms is probably not human? And why does she have a rule specifically denying the use of swords? Does she have some kind of sword background? I’m curious.

Pon. It’s like a Megaten dungeon. Creepy hospitals are the best. I was sort of hoping Connie’s mom had a dark past involving swords. She, too, was a YA protagonist. Anyway, this episode reminds me of a part of Undertale which … you haven’t gotten to yet.

Oto. Cool. NEXT!

Pon. I saw someone mention, and I guess it’s worth repeating, that it’s a plus that Steven performs in feminine clothes and it isn’t really played for laughs in context. Like, the audience isn’t laughing at him. We’re getting ahead of ourselves, though.

Oto. I’m seeing a pattern. Episodes 19 and 20 are mostly about overbearing parents. Moms in particular.

Pon. There are a lot of moms in the second season. There was Onion’s mom a few episodes ago.

Oto. Yup. Lotta moms.


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