Hyouka 22

Hyouka 22: What's that face though?

Oto. Oh man. I love brown hair guy. He’s great. From the first time I saw him, I knew he was good. He’s so sinister. It’s awesome. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. I’ve just totally got a boner for him.

Pon. That seems pretty easy to explain. Speaking of boners, we all know what those phallic plants at the very end, as the entire show fades to black, symbolize.

Oto. Oreki might pull his head out of his ass and manage to woo Chitanda? I’m still disappointed that Oreki and Satoshi decided to play into social norms instead of admitting their feelings for each other.

Pon. There are a lot of interesting things happening in this show moment-to-moment, but I have to say, I’m left with this feeling of anticlimax. It’s not that I expected Oreki to make a move, or even wanted him to, particularly. It’s like … I feel like there’s another show implied here, one where they all come back to this town ten years later. I can’t think of a better way to explain it. I’m really not trying to make a joke about how this is the setup for a made-for-TV movie based on a Stephen King novel.

Oto. Ten years later Oreki still hasn’t made his move and Chitanda married some random-ass businessman.

Pon. Ten years later, he and Satoshi are finally ready to come to terms with what they feel for one another. And it’s for the best, since their passion is so great that neither of them would have survived it as kids. They needed that life experience first.

Oto. If you don’t want it to be really depressing, I guess. You know what? I don’t think I would want that. This show has too much beating around the bush as it is.

Pon. That’s what I’m saying, though. Hyouka 2: Manlectric Boogaloo, no more beating around the bush, the only convincing ship in the show is real. Alright, I guess that’s not fair. There’s this good dynamic where Chitanda is the empress and Oreki is her loyal servant.

Oto. Speaking of her being the empress, I like her this-land-is-my-land-there-are-many-like-it-but-this one-is-mine confession.

Pon. Yeah, it got weird there at the end. Actually, maybe Hyouka 2 is about how those competing temples hire onmyouji to fight each other. Touhyou.


2 thoughts on “Hyouka 22

  1. Day says:

    Ultimately, the total lack of development of and chemistry to Mayaka and Satoshi as a couple is something which still, however many years after this aired, bugs me big time. I’ve said this before, butt I felt like it was a matter of production staff wanting to go with something while the original books just didn’t support that, so we get Satoshi giving off vibes that he’s into Oreki only to wind up in HET END. For a fairly meticulously-done show, it felt especially egregious.

    Actually, even setting aside whether it’s truly support in-show for MayakaxSatoshi, there’s something a bit depressing to me about neatly pairing off your sixteen year old protagonists like this. It’s like… here are these four kids, and now we have paired them off, and they are all set for life, dear viewer/reader. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Maybe I should just be happy it didn’t go in for the convoluted romantic tangles a lot of other high school-set shows adore. Maybe I am simply a cranky oldster. Yet that whole exchange between Mayaka and Oreki felt like a conversation a couple of thirtysomethings would be having when one of them has started dating the other’s friend who has a history of being a fuck-up and has some issues. What freaking teenagers talk like that?

    But, really – Mayaka and Satoshi. The whole way through, it was all “girl gets crush on gay dude, gay dude is a decent person, so isn’t going to fake it, but also doesn’t quite have guts to tell her he’s gay, or hasn’t figured out yet himself that his lack of interest in her is due to a lack of romantic interest in girls”. Meanwhile, he also had the “hot for friend” thing going on toward Oreki, who played the role of “not really getting it” while slowly becoming starry-eyed over Chitanda.

    Holy crap, this comment is ridiculous. When did this air? 2012? And it still bothers me this much? I need to get a different hobby, dammit.


    1. I’m almost willing to give them some credit for making Mayaka seem sort of noncommittal when asked how things were going with Satoshi. But, yeah, that isn’t really concrete. This is why it sort of feels like the setup to a ten-years-later, unfulfilled-adults kind of story. There’s all this setup that’s obvious to pretty much everyone I’ve ever talked to about Hyouka, and then they don’t deliver on it. The only conclusion that feels right based on what they gave us is that Mayaka’s headed for disappointment.

      As to Oreki and Chitanda, I mean, I don’t have much confidence in them working out in the long term, either. Oreki still has some major hangups to get over. So I guess I didn’t feel frustrated that they were neatly paired off because I just assume they’ll do what kids do–change as they grow up, get tired of each other, and find other partners in college. How much credit the show itself deserves for giving me that impression is an open question.


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