Symphogear G 06

Symphogear G 06: VERy disturbing

Pon. So, here’s the thing. I know what kind of show this is. I know they’re supposed to fight each other a few times and then become friends. But this is at odds with my also knowing that, here, on Earth Prime, when an international terrorist organization gets up to some shit, we promptly kill their leaders, throwing the organization into disarray. So basically, if I were Large Intense Man, my orders would be to kill Ver and Tuberculosis Lady first and foremost, before anything else. Get that damn shield staff thing back. Then worry about rehabilitating their child soldiers.

Oto. Can you snipe a magical girl? Has anyone tried? Didn’t I say this a few posts ago?

Pon. Wasn’t there a guy in Nanoha whose job was sniping magical girls? No, what I should be asking is, what’s your obsession with shooting teenage girls in the head? It’s fucking creepy. They’re on the verge of defecting anyway. Chill.

Oto. You said it this time, not me.

Pon. I said they should kill the adults who are radicalizing them with this cock-and-bull about the moon.

Oto. I’m disappointed in this show. Hibiki would have been a much better character with only one arm.

Pon. I was hoping for a mechanical prosthesis. Why would she have been a better character, though? She’d have to create a sympho-arm whenever she fought?

Oto. Because scars are badass. I didn’t want her to have a robot arm even. When she transformed it could become some kind of awesome spear arm or something. Also, she should lose an eye. Just sayin.

Pon. You could’ve taken the high road and said “because she could’ve been a good representation of a physically disabled character in popular fiction,” but okay, I guess.

Oto. Could she have? Do you trust Symphogear to be the show that does that?

Pon. All they would’ve had to do is not make a big thing out of it. Like Mad Max.

Oto. True. I think this is the best time to say that I like hearing Hibiki scream.

Pon. You’re not doing a great job here of countering the impression that your main motivation is seeing teenage girls suffer. Can’t we talk about cute yuri or something? Jesus Christ. Not that there was any in this episode. Except when that strange ghost-Miku slowly faded in?

Oto. I mean, she’s got a good screaming voice. Her singing is alright for who the character is. Her voice acting is okay. She’s got a great scream, though. Cultivate it. This is part of why she should’ve lost an arm. She could’ve gone fucking metal. Then she’d always be screaming. She does a good scream-talking thing at the end of this episode. She should keep doing that at all times.

Pon. Should we talk about Hibiki’s tragic past? Like I was saying before, if Hibiki has a tragic past, I’ve given up on any character not having a tragic past.

Oto. What tragic past? I’m still not entirely sure why everyone was pissed off at her.

Pon. It doesn’t matter why. They were.

Oto. Murderer? How? Who did she murder? Are they just giving her shit because she got compensated for almost dying?

Pon. Capitalist pigs.

Oto. I know, I expect this out of old white people. Not young Japanese kids.


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