Hyouka 21

Hyouka 21: come onnnnnn

Pon. What were we doing here? I can’t remember. Watching cartoons or something?

Oto. … I have a very low tolerance for children, apparently. Maybe it just seems simple to me, but I feel like Satoshi is making things more complicated in his head then they actually have to be.

Pon. That’s what you do. Not you personally. People.

Oto. I don’t think having a girlfriend equates to an obsession. Not in the way he’s worried about, at least. How is accepting Mayaka’s feelings going to suddenly make him want to always win again?

Pon. There is one character he’s obsessed with. Man, any relationship he has with a girl is gonna end in heartbreak. But, yeah, he’s being dumb in that he thinks she’ll have this need for him to be single-minded or something. She doesn’t need that shit from him. She’s good. That’s not what she’s asking for.

Oto. Yeah. She just wants the D.

Pon. Nice commentary. I mean, maybe–hopefully, if she wants to date the guy–but she wants other things too. She doesn’t need him to put forth this weird level of effort he has in mind. She doesn’t need him to be anything for her that he isn’t already. Except I guess she needs him to stop being an evasive asshole.

Oto. She wants the D emotionally. Side note: Mayaka looks better when she brushes her hair.

Pon. She looks like she’s about six when she brushes her hair.

Oto. Also, that scene where it shows Satoshi breaking the chocolate was brilliant. I got genuinely sad for the chocolate.

Pon. This is a hard one to watch because they’re all doing frustrating kid things. And that’s on top of the undercurrent of frustration that comes from the unresolved homoerotic tension. Dammit!


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