Steven Universe S2 13-14

Steven Universe S2 13: eeeyy

Oto. Woah! Okay. End of episode. Those kind of sneak up on you sometimes.

Pon. This one wouldn’t stand alone very well. I like that they’ve developed these plot threads that run through the whole thing now, but you sacrifice standalone episodes when you do that. Adventure Time has had the same “problem” for a while, though the degree to which it’s a problem is debatable, since some of my favorite episodes are in S5.

Oto. Dreams are not boring to listen to!

Pon. Yes. Yes they are.

Oto. Are you saying it’s boring when I tell you my awesome dreams?

Pon. I say it’s boring every time you do it.

Oto. … So, Malachite still makes me deeply uncomfortable. I think that makes me a good person.

Pon. What do you mean, uncomfortable?

Oto. Everything about their fusion is unsettling. It’s like they’re perpetually having horrible angry sex.

Pon. I guess the show kind of sets it up like that, though fusion is this post-sex thing, in the sense of post-human. You don’t really need sex if you can fuse. I guess that makes it worse.

Oto. Ep 14. Wow.

Pon. Oh man. Fuck off, whoever wrote this episode. I mean that affectionately.

Oto. Best fusion, though. There need to be more Steven fusions. Just saying. I would feel a little weird about it, though. Steven’s too young to be fusing. Unless it’s Connie.

Pon. Yeah, can we talk about how Sardonyx is superficially Mettaton from Undertale? No, we can’t, because you haven’t fucking played it even though I bought it for you FUCK YOU SERIOUSLY YOU CAN’T LIKE STEVEN UNIVERSE AND NOT LIKE UNDERTALE

Oto. … I’ll get to it …


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