Gatchaman Crowds Insight 12

Gatchaman Crowds Insight 12: The Temple of Hajime

Pon. Hang on. Back up for a second. Did Jou take Sugane to that bar to show him off to his ex-boyfriend?

Oto. Yup! That totally just happened. It’s so fuckin real.

Pon. One of my favorite maneuvers in things like this is when somebody plays the part of the villain because there has to be a villain. Because that’s what people expect out of this “genre” of national crisis. Granted, this was unusual in that the intent was to make the voting public feel like a bunch of assholes.

Oto. That scene was just as hard to watch this time as it was the first time. And why do people in the shows we watch keep losing arms? Is that just a thing now? One arm moe?

Pon. That sounds like the name of a guy who can kick your ass. One-Arm Moe.

Oto. Love that guy. I almost wanted them to end it right after they showed that people weren’t really changing. It’s more realistic. Like, “Surprise. Sheeple don’t change.”

Pon. Well, they did a good job of showing how the solutions to the first season’s problems caused a bunch of problems afterward. I’m impressed at how this season actually felt necessary. So surely people in this setting will continue to have these crises of their own design.

Oto. Fuckin sheeple. So, I keep thinking about this show in relation to The Protomen. Hear me out. In Act I, Mega Man is all pumped up to defeat Dr. Wily and save the day, right? But what’s he really doing? He’s giving people a different atmosphere to cling on to. Instead of being all complacent because of Wily’s regime, people get behind Mega Man because he’s the next big atmosphere. His thoughts aren’t wrong, per se, but these people still aren’t thinking for themselves. They’re letting Mega fight their battle for them. He even admits it in The Sons of Fate. He says that people aren’t ready to fight and even says they’ll never fight at one point. He realizes what he’s doing, he just thinks it’s better than leaving them to Wily. I guess it’s a step. Free their bodies so they themselves can free their minds.

Pon. Yep.

Oto. Hajime is my favorite hero ever. Forever and ever. No one will ever match her.

Pon. You said that like fifteen times already.

Oto. It’s just that fuckin true. She almost died for your sins.

Pon. She died and was born again.

Oto. She is superhero Jesus.

Pon. Merry Hajimas.


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