Steven Universe S2 11-12

Steven Universe S2 11-12: The boner moment


Pon. Hoo man. You should play Undertale.

Oto. Dammit. I’m glad Garnet was as horrified as I was. It makes me sad that they all weren’t.

Pon. That was impressively fucked-up. Weird gem splicing experiments.

Oto. Episode 11 addresses some frequently asked Garnet Questions. I’m glad. They’re things I’ve been wondering.

Pon. 12 is nice, but the thing that weirds me out about this whole courtship is, Greg Universe is clearly a kid at this point. Unless it’s cartoon logic and he’s going to be twice as tall in 12 years.

Oto. Yeah, I’d say he’s around young adult status. That’s just what happens to cartoon characters when they have kids.

Pon. I don’t blame him. I get Rose’s appeal.

Oto. I know, man. Her hair is on another level. It’s like the next evolution of drill hair. It’s tube hair.

Pon. She could physically kill a man with that hair.

Oto. I would suffocate myself in that hair.

Pon. Erotic asphyxiation. Nice. Okay, are we done?

Oto. No, sir! I found something recently that must be brought to light. This is an Ed, Edd, and Eddy slash comic created by Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar.

Pon. Is it really her? Or is somebody just saying that?

Oto. All signs point to her. She’s done some other stuff too. Can’t find those.

Pon. Why somebody would ship characters from that particular show, I don’t know. I never liked it much. But there’s a level of anxiety in that fan comic that I like.

Oto. Well, yeah, it was made by Rebecca Sugar creator of Steven Universe.

Pon. I’m not familiar with her oeuvre outside of Steven Universe. I guess she worked on Adventure Time for a while?

Oto. I hope bringing this up doesn’t make it seem like I think this is a bad thing. I don’t. This is amazing. She needs to do more and put them somewhere. This is like when I found out about Kiyohiko Azuma’s, or should I say Jōji Jonokuchi’s, porn days. Can’t remember the name of it, but the one he did about a student/teacher relationship is pretty good. Check it out.


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