Gatchaman Crowds Insight 11

Gatchaman Crowds Insight 11: DEMOCRACY

Pon. I like how the former prime minister is the head-of-government equivalent of a deadbeat dad.

Oto. Now these people see exactly what they were asking for. You want us to straight up murder some fool? Alright. Here ya go.

Pon. Yesterday you were all about murdering fools.

Oto. I made up for it. I talked about how they’re all just doing what they think is right.

Pon. Anyway, I have to say something sincere here about how this ends up being a pretty legit superhero story. Self-sacrifice for the sake of people who don’t deserve it, and all. Maybe this is how it has to go in a setting with the internet. You can’t fool yourself into thinking the bus full of boy scouts Superman rescues represents all of humanity while you’re checking Facebook, looking at the stuff your racist uncle passes along. So people are these bloodthirsty assholes, and they have to be depicted that way because they have these platforms that their worst elements take advantage of, and yet the heroes (who are also just human, for the most part) save them anyway because that’s what heroing is about … I wonder whether the cellphone electorate will actually put some thought into this in a sustained way.

Oto. That is both why I love this show and why Hajime is my favorite superhero. Real quick: I like that Utsutsu … that is an embarrassing name.

Pon. You’re an embarrassing name.

Oto. It’s adorable. I like that she can’t just heal people. She has to take life from someone else. Nice touch.

Pon. Literally.


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