Symphogear G 03

Symphogear G 03: Can't argue with that

Pon. That’s true.

Oto. Chris has a good-ass song in this episode. I gotta go download that shit. Fuckin’ metal.

Pon. It’s like metal lyrics attached to the least metal song conceivable.

Oto. Too true. So why was scientist guy pretending to be good?

Pon. Because he had to steal the thing. The show answered that one.

Oto. I mean, in show terms. He was good for about 3 seconds before you realize what he’s up to.

Pon. Do you really want fucking six episodes that explore the complexity of this guy’s psyche? No you don’t. Who cares how he steals the thing? My question is why nobody figured it out when he goes around making those faces. Or maybe that’s a condition. Maybe he can’t help it. I feel bad now.

Oto. He does have good faces. Don’t make light of his condition. It affects one out of every ten bad guys.

Pon. It’s correlated with the same genes that make you a villain.

Oto. There’s not enough yuri in this yuri show. Okay, got that out of the way. That’s not Finé. Fuck you. First Maria steals Hibiki’s Gundam, now she’s stealing the villain from the first season. What an asshole. Finé’s a much better villain than you’ll ever be.

Pon. This is from the beginning of the show, so we’re working backwards here, but I like how they codify things that we as viewers have learned not to ask questions about. Like, there’s a specific reason given as to why they were able to survive going into space. You get a lot of opportunities for humor when fantasy characters take their situations seriously like that, but it also makes them more relatable because, of course they would. This isn’t just exciting bullshit to them. They have to live here.


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