Hyouka 18

Hyouka 18: Still a yaoi show though

Oto. I think that was my favorite episode so far. They’re just sitting in the clubroom doing nothing until a helicopter flies by and reminds Oreki of something one of his teachers said in middle school. Which sparks a conversation and eventually Oreki does his thing. My point is, that initial scene where they’re talking about an old teacher and the one later on where Oreki and Chitanda are flipping through books in the library while waiting on the thing they requested are my favorite scenes in this show. They just kind of exist. They didn’t have much of a point long run. No major story advancement. As much as this show can be said to have a story at least. But that’s why I love it. That’s where this show excels. All those times when Oreki is solving a case are like the meat and potatoes and all this stuff that is normally just background noise is like sweet tasty candy. This episode skipped right to dessert. Wonderful candy.

Pon. What’s interesting to me about this one is how it seems like Oreki can’t help the way he thinks about things. It’s not like he has a mystery-solving mode that he can turn on when he needs to. He’s always in that mode. Which for him is a huge pain.


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