Gatchaman Crowds Insight 09

Gatchaman Crowds Insight 09: Sugane...

Oto. This is why Hajime is my favorite. All she can think about is how to save Gel.

Pon. Her strategy seems to be giving people a lot of rope to hang themselves with. She doesn’t need to go cut Gelsadra with her giant scissors because eventually people will realize that not being eaten because you don’t want to go to some lady’s stupid kid’s school function is a raw deal.

Oto. Yeah, it was bound to go south from day one. So, did they totally just murder Sugane? I like Sugane.

Pon. Nah, he’s fine. They have that one lady who manipulates life and death.

Oto. Oh yeah, I kinda forgot they were superheroes since this is the first time in about 6 episodes they’ve actually done anything super.

Pon. Hajime has super waited for them to screw themselves. I like that approach on a visceral level. It’s reassuring to think that people will come to their senses about all the racism, etc. in US politics right now. When I really think about it, though, I’m not optimistic. At least we have Gatchaman for escapism purposes.


Oto. … That’s how we’re gonna end it? That’s fuckin’ depressing!

Pon. Shrug.


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