Gatchaman Crowds Insight 08

Gatchaman Crowds Insight 08: Crying into that alien wang

Oto. Alan! No!

Pon. ALAAAAAN … hang on, who’s Alan?

Oto. Jou’s dart buddy.

Pon. “Dart buddy.” I think my favorite thing about this is how the computer is really concerned about Rui.

Oto. Shipped.

Pon. Other than that, man, I dunno. I guess this episode was mostly setting up a mystery. But it’s getting creepier. Becoming one isn’t the natural state of human beings. Unless the metaphor for surrendering your decision-making to Fox News or whatever extends that far.

Oto. Yeah, everyone’s losing their humanity. Gelbooru-chan is making everyone complacent.

Pon. Don’t say Gelbooru.

Oto. They’re losing their independence. They’re “becoming one.” Losing what makes each person unique. That’s humanity, man.

Pon. People change when their tools change and when their ways of transmitting information change. But it’s always been thus. It’s been that way since pre-humans figured out they could augment their own arm strength by hitting things with rocks. There probably isn’t a solution to this problem. People will be having this fight forever. Or, they should. It’d be a problem if we stopped being mindful of this stuff.

Oto. I just noticed that that thing where they’re streaming a video and the comments are popping up on screen is fuckin awful. Whose idea was that?

Pon. Nico Video, probably. Have you ever watched those? They’re as annoying as you’re imagining.


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