Senki Zesshou Symphogear 13

Senki Zesshou Symphogear 13: For some reason this is the funniest thing

Pon. Oh, “noise” as in “signal-to-noise ratio.”

Oto. Wha-?

Pon. You know, the victims of that asshole God after the Tower of Babel incident couldn’t communicate, so they just started punching each other and throwing trowels and shit.

Oto. Sure. I told you that moon fragment would destroy the world. Even if Ilsa didn’t pull it down it would’ve crashed into earth in like 10 years.

Pon. We could call her by her actual name at this point, but somehow Fine is even more on-the-nose than Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS.

Oto. Yup, yeah, I get ya. So, doesn’t Yuri Friend know all there is to know at this point? Why did they hide that her girlfriend was still alive? What assholes. Wait, I know. It was to throw off the American spies.

Pon. America! Damn you!

Oto. Thanks, Obama.

Pon. Well, this show was a fucking mess. But I admire its gumption. If it’d been directed by somebody like Rie Matsumoto, one of those directors who can use spectacle to say a lot of stuff, it might’ve worked on another level. But it’s fine.

Oto. As a Sentai/Magical Girl fan I can appreciate the random cool shit it does. Suit upgrades. Big named moves. Magical singing. Stuff like that. The story’s a little messy. Especially towards the end.

Pon. I guess I wanted it to embrace its own bullshit factor a little more. More punching large objects. More one-line throwaway explanations for why things work the way they do. Supposedly the other seasons proceed to do that, so I’m excited.

Oto. Agreed.


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