Senki Zesshou Symphogear 11

Senki Zesshou Symphogear 11: All the symbolism in this show is dicks, heads, and dickheads

Oto. Somehow this episode managed to let me make reference to every anime I’ve ever seen. Well done.

Pon. This is one of those things where the show’s fantasy stuff caused everything from human mythology and history. Where is this world’s Giorgio Tsoukalos? Because he probably feels pretty vindicated right now.

Oto. No shit. Alright, is it just me or does this show have a knack for pulling shit out of its ass?

Pon. I dunno. It feels very Megaten now. An amalgamation of blue faces come out of a lady, and then she wants to blow up the moon and fight God.

Oto. I suddenly feel like putting hundreds of hours into a game I’ll never finish.

Pon. Fine’s name is ironic.

Oto. I live for the transformation sequences in this show. Something about them really clicks with me. Not that there exists a transformation sequence that I dislike, but this show has some good ones. Plus it means they’re finally gonna start fighting and this show has good fight scenes too, so …

Pon. The transformations are … okay …

Oto. Like I said, I’ll never dislike a transformation.

Pon. There are a lot of good super moves. Always like to see characters do better than their previous best. The show’s very gamey … it’s always exciting to use a new move for the first time and watch your damage go up.

Oto. It sort of feels like they do a lot of big moves in a short amount of time, but I guess that’s just ‘cause this is a pretty short show compared to other things like it I’ve seen.


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