Hyouka 13

Hyouka 13: That's just, like ...

Oto. Yeah, fuck manga reviews! Who needs ‘em? What a waste of time …

Pon. Anyway, Ibara and … Nakoruru from Samurai Spirits I guess? … are both wrong. On the one hand, yeah everything’s subjective, but it’s possible to guess with some amount of accuracy what a given population will judge to be “good” in the court of public opinion if you know enough about them. On the other hand, nothing’s born perfect or really stands the test of time per se–things fall out of favor and come back into favor and fall out of favor again. Shakespeare wasn’t a genius until the mid-1700s. Maybe someday he won’t be a genius again.

Oto. Go club guy is pretty good. I like him. You gotta feel a little sorry for him.

Pon. You mean how he flirts with Satoshi and fucks off and then Satoshi immediately thinks about what Oreki’s doing?

Oto. Yup.

Pon. Yeah.

Oto. Yes. Maybe they’ll embrace it this time. I want this to be a thing. I want this plot.


One thought on “Hyouka 13

  1. Day says:

    Just wanted to note that I am still reading your blog and still enjoying it; I simply haven’t had anything snappy and/or witty to say of late (very dismaying indeed) so no comments. But comments are manna from heaven, are they not? So I had to at least leave SOMETHING at SOME POINT.

    As I’ve said previously, I think there’s some minor production staff vs. original authorial intent going on re: Satoshi in Hyouka that proved a precursor to how things went with Euphonium…


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