Steven Universe S2 05-06

Steven Universe S2 06: More well-defined teeth than any character in the show

Pon. I’m sure we’ll never hear about Marty again.

Oto. Mm-hmm … This is wierd. Greg is like 15 in this flashback and Rose is about 4,000, but is kinda mid-30’s-ish. She’s like his mom.

Pon. She’s everybody’s mom.

Oto. I know! She’s the mentor character. It’s like fucking Zordon.

Pon. Man, don’t talk about fuckin’ Zordon.

Oto. Not fuckin’ Zordon. Literally fucking Zordon. Like having sexual relations with that giant head in the glass.

Pon. I dunno man. I can definitely see the appeal of Steven’s mom. Maybe because I am not in fact 15 at this point, but still. She’s more of a free spirit than Zordon. She isn’t stuck in a jar, for one thing.

Oto. Power Rangers would’ve been quite a different show if Zordon and Kimberly had a kid and it was about their kid learning about Rita Repulsa in retrospect. I wanna see that now. Wait …

Pon. Jesus H. By the way, does it hurt you to talk about Power Rangers as a super sentai fan? Is it physically painful to you not to call it Zyuranger?

Oto. Nah, I can accept that Power Rangers is its own thing that stole sentai footage because they couldn’t be arsed. Have you seen the new Power Rangers stuff? They want to make their own show so badly. They’re basically just–

Pon. ANYWAY, I like how Garnet immediately perceives what’s going on here. I guess this is something she’d be perceptive about. She can also see into the future, but, you know.

Oto. Man, though, man. We need to start a band. Greg Universe got me pumped. I kinda like his stuff.

Pon. Greg Universe music is derivative bullshit.

Oto. Fuck you, man. Just fuck you. You hipster trash!

Pon. Oookay, 6 makes me feel really bad for being a hipster there.

Oto. Good. You should feel bad.

Pon. I’m not that interested in the question of whether some interpretation “hurts” the artist, since once the art’s out in the world the artist doesn’t have much power over it anymore, granting that in this case the intent wasn’t art to begin with so it’s not really fair to Steven to apply this standard to him. But it’s interesting to think about how a cynical, so-bad-it’s-good approach to a thing might affect people who like that thing in a more genuine way.

Oto. I’m pretty selfish when it comes to shit I make, so I’ll always feel a little bad for the artist in the case of their shit not being used the way they want it to.

Pon. There’s really no way to prevent that. Nature of the thing. On the other hand, it’s possible for an artist to be responsible about the content of their art. It doesn’t have to hurt a guy’s guitar lesson business.


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