Gatchaman Crowds Insight 05

Gatchaman Crowds Insight 05: People are bad

Pon. The alien’s invading the Earth by … getting elected.

Oto. This show makes me sad sometimes. Cause, ya know, I kind of agree with Vape Guy. People are stupid.

Pon. Man, don’t agree with Vape Guy. He’s that trilby-rocking fellow who thinks bitcoin is the “solution” to a strong central government. He would’ve voted for Ron Paul. Fuck him.

Oto. The only reason Gel got elected is because he makes people laugh. Does he have any plans for Japan other than get rid of CROWDS and make everyone happy? Does he know how to run a country? How about managing a budget or keeping international peace?

Pon. Donald Trump doesn’t have any of those things, and yet he’s polling alright. Personality is what gets you media attention and media attention is what gets you elected. Well, also money. But that also has to do with how much media attention you can afford and how much of a media apparatus your campaign can build.

Oto. Exactly. This is why this show makes me sad sometimes. It reminds me of real life. This shit is happening now.

Pon. I can sort of sympathize with people who are put off by it. I don’t always like spend-the-entire-episode-talking shows, especially when the talking is all puns and otaku in-jokes and isn’t particularly funny and yeah okay, it represents the anxiety in trying to overcome the impossibility of communicating genuinely with anyone when you’re coming of age and maybe afterward, but … I guess I can more easily stand 22 minutes of talking when it’s about the democratic process. And I really like how everyone has conflicting opinions.

Oto. It’s certainly interesting to see anime try to tackle the issue. Can’t say I’ve seen that before. Or expected that to happen.

Pon. The issue it tries to tackle is tackling issues. It’s about how we deal with things as individuals and as bodies of voters. Probably the thing about it that feels the most true to me is how I don’t like CROWDS or Gelsadra very much. Even if one side were clearly better, as is the case in American politics as far as I’m concerned, I’d still have a slight feeling of being fucked either way despite maybe gaining ground on certain issues. But I think that’s okay. That’s the frustration associated with a system predicated on compromise. I can think of maybe one or two other examples from anime/manga that’ve successfully made me feel that way. I dunno, maybe there’s a huge body of manga about democracy that I don’t know about?


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