Steven Universe S2 03-04

Steven Universe S2 03: Stickers

Oto. This new ending song, man. I’m not sure I can handle it. It makes me a little sad with upbeat lounge music. How am I supposed to deal with that? Also, did they really ground him from TV forever? I thought they were just exaggerating. I should know better by now. Gems are always serious.

Pon. I like all the teenage characters. They’re good parodies of The Millennials without being mean about it.

Oto. What? Swat Kats? Who’s gonna get that? I may be forgetting who watches this show.

Pon. Good, a crossover with a show that isn’t as good as Steven Universe. Okay.

Oto. Wait. Say the thing.

Pon. About how this other show seems like if Peewee’s Playhouse were made by people who were even more high than the people who made Peewee’s Playhouse?

Oto. Yeah, that, but also starring Q.

Pon. Not really. It’s a show in which a cartoon character has cartoon character powers. It’s just meta.


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