Gatchaman Crowds Insight 04

Gatchaman Crowds Insight 04: Cars are responsible for 100% of car-related injuries

Oto. Uuuuhhh … I’m not so sure about this. The alien that can read your minds and just wants everyone to get along being prime minister. I want it to work. I really do. In a perfect world that would be a great idea, but I think there’s a lot of things Gel’s not thinking about. Also, we can govern ourselves, thank you. We don’t need no stinkin’ alien to tell us how to live. Don’t you watch movies? This will never work out.

Pon. Also, has nobody noticed that Gelsadra feeds on everybody’s emotions? Are they just not seeing this? They’re really gonna vote for the alien who is a one-person total surveillance state?

Oto. I have been saying that the whole time! She … he’s just gonna end up running a benevolent dictatorship.

Pon. Don’t count on it being benevolent. We don’t know what this asshole’s motives are. Also, as far as I’m concerned, understanding people is kind of a prerequisite for governing.

Oto. If what he says is true, then all he wants is for people to get along. The pursuit of which could lead to something terrible. Is it worth your freedom?

Pon. The people are allowed enough “freedom” to keep their dangerous superpowers, but not enough to have any privacy at all. Sounds … familiar. There’s a kind of “freedom” that isn’t freedom at all, that’s just another mechanism for controlling people. Letting everybody have CROWDS ensures that they’ll be both sufficiently happy with the government and sufficiently scared of each other.

Oto. This is the most political show we’ve talked about. Or will talk about for a while, I suspect.

Pon. Maybe I’ve been watching and/or hearing about the wrong shows, but it seems like, whenever anime gets political at all (in the sense of state politics), it tends to be quasi-objectivist, militaristic bullshit. Or else it’s vague and not very helpful … I like you, Hayao Miyazaki, I generally agree with a lot of your politics, but saying “war is bad” over and over isn’t gonna end all war. Here we have a show where every character has a nuanced opinion and they can talk about things like adults. The characters who arguably aren’t very nuanced either aren’t human or are actual terrorists. This is that rare show that does a really good job.

Oto. Too true. Gel’s gonna win, you know. Even as a grown-ass man he’s still adorable. It’s an internet vote. That counts for a lot.

Pon. That’s the problem. That’s what I mean when I say that some “freedoms” make people less free. I think some people went through part of the show not liking Tsubasa, but I don’t get that yet, since she makes a lot of good points relative to everybody else, or at least forces them to think about things they should be thinking about. Should they really be talking in terms of 20-60-20? Maybe their job, and the job of a sufficiently democratic government, is to ensure that people are free from the bullshit of their own nature. But then that’s also what some dictators think their job is, so … I dunno. Live in the woods.


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