Senki Zesshou Symphogear 09

Senki Zesshou Symphogear 09: Less talk, more punch

Pon. What we learned from this episode is, this show should be a series of four-minute music videos of Hibiki punching things.

Oto. Yeah, she got fuckin’ cool! Where’d all that speedy power punching come from? Is the symphogear an extension of the soul? Did she develop it within herself? Hope so. Sure would’ve liked to see that.

Pon. She’s been in some fights since the beginning. She leveled up.

Oto. Not sure if Ryouko can be Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS. She apparently has some tragic romance backstory. I don’t see Ilsa caring that much about men in her past.

Pon. We’ve only seen Ilsa at work. Bare-ass naked is her work uniform. She isn’t always a scary dominatrix who sexually electrocutes 15-year-olds. Sometimes she likes to unwind, engage in some tragic romance. You know.

Oto. I’m just not sure there’s much of a difference between work and down time for her.

Pon. Everybody needs work-life balance.

Oto. So, I can kinda get Tsubasa being all edgelord. I feel like the show has given us enough reason for her to act that way. Chris, though, just had her backstory revealed through rushed exposition. Is she supposed to be the soldier type? Is her “The enemy deserves no mercy, so why did I save her?” thing there because she was raised as some kind of child soldier and doesn’t know anything else? Honestly, I kinda like that. I could buy that. It’s very Metal Gear. But at this point it doesn’t feel like she’s earned her internal crisis.

Pon. More like internal CHRISis.

Oto. Ha.

Pon. Let’s go with that. I was thinking it was there because some writer figured that’s what a character’s supposed to say in this situation. Your thing is better.


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