Hyouka 11.5 …?

Hyouka 11.5: Relatable

Pon. What’s an 11.5? What is a fraction? I guess the .5 means “Look, we took great pains to tie this into the last arc so it doesn’t just look like a fanservice episode, give us some credit.”

Oto. And by “tie into the last arc” you mean, “Hey, check it out. Oreki is still fucking depressed. Yay.” Guess they didn’t want that to be a thing in the proper next episode.

Pon. He isn’t gonna change that much. He’ll always be a buzzkill.

Oto. Yeah, but now he’ll be slightly less annoying. Oh, and his sister’s back. I think she’s my favorite character. All she does is show up, stroke his hair once, and reach to touch him so he swats her away, but … Favorite. Character.

Pon. You make it sound really creepy. She’s doing it to annoy him.

Oto. She’s doing it because she loves her little brother. You should try it sometime.

Pon. Fuck off.

Oto. Also trying to annoy him, but it’s those little things that made me fall in love with this show. I mean, that’s just what you do. We’ve done it. Everyone with a sibling they like has done it. It’s just … adorable. I like to watch her mess with her brother in a loving way. It’s like … scene porn.

Pon. I mean, yeah, visually the show remains really good. Even in terms of little things like having the angles of characters’ faces change slightly. But I think the sister’s the least plausible character. An international spy or whatever. And the show sort of implies that she’s pulling all the strings, which, I dunno about that.

Oto. She just has crazy hobbies. I think she’s quite plausible. Chitanda seems like the least plausible character to me. I can’t say she’s a bad character. I don’t think the writers of this show could write a bad character if they tried. Like, I can’t say she’s one-dimensional, but, of all the characters, she’s the least multidimensional.

Pon. In a weird way, I feel like she’s the most mature character. It has to do with what we were talking about last time. Putting up a tough front isn’t useful to her. She’s moved on to diplomacy. She isn’t going through the same kind of crisis as most of the other characters, but I don’t think that means she’s shallow. She’s just over it, for whatever reason.

Oto. Yeah, I wouldn’t call her shallow. At first glance she just looks … simple. Know what I mean? This episode did make me suspect that she knows exactly what she’s doing to Oreki. She plays him like a fiddle.

Pon. I wouldn’t say she’s manipulative, though. She just understands that the best way to get people to do what you want isn’t pushing them around, it’s being honest enough that they start to feel like they’re on your side.

Oto. No, not manipulative. Not in any malicious way, at least. She’s just clever. She has fun with these riddles. She knows he has fun with these riddles. He just isn’t willing to get off his ass and do them most of the time. She want to have fun with him so she gives him a little kick out of the door. Like Gandalf. She’s the Gandalf to his Bilbo.

Pon. The fantasy mentor? Shit. She has about one and a half episodes left to live, then.


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