Steven Universe S2 01-02

Steven Universe S2 02: Maps

Oto. Leave it to Steven Universe to not fuck up this plot. Thank you.

Pon. Yeah, I had faith in the show’s ability to do the “I have to push you away to protect you” plot. Or, not to do it. Because it’s always really bad.

Oto. Also, he needs to stop talking to Ronaldo.

Pon. I love that guy.

Oto. I don’t know. I don’t want to be mean, but he’s not necessarily a great guy.

Pon. Every character on the show has some kind of blind spot. That’s why it’s so good. A lot of the problems are of the characters’ own making. There are obviously a lot of external plot drivers in this show, but everything’s shaped by the characters’ personalities.

Oto. Speaking of things being shaped by the characters’ personalities. Episode 2. Like that transish?

Pon. That episode … fuck

Oto. So why can the room be sentient? Oh, right, so it can impart an important life lesson.

Pon. You’re focusing on the wrong thing. My concern is that it was like my blog comment philosophy as a cartoon. An argument over storytelling that ends in a truce because, generally speaking, I like these people and that’s more important. They have their reasons and their reasons are what make them themselves.

Oto. Umm … yeah. It’s kinda just the consumption of art in cartoon form. You know, I would say that having Lisa and Archimicarus get married in the end is just dumb, but I’m a lot like Steven when it comes to this shit. I’d play right into their sappy-as-fuck hands.

Pon. Steven’s point is that it’s structurally consistent. It’s set up earlier on.

Oto. But apparently they don’t just come out and say it. It can be interpreted differently, so who knows?

Pon. This is a problem you get in long-ass fantasy with too many plot threads. One may end in a satisfying way while another may not.

Oto. Yup!


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