Gatchaman Crowds Insight 03

Gatchaman Crowds Insight 03: 20-60-20

Pon. Oh, is this show gonna get into the question of whether a hero is someone who saves you or someone who helps you save yourself?

Oto. Hope so. That was cool. Wings of hope. Do they automatically know their move names or do they just kinda make it up as they go?

Pon. I dunno … is Steve Jobs there referring to the Pareto principle? The idea that 20% of a population is responsible for 80% of the population’s output? Well, I guess it’s the 20-60-20 rule, the idea that 60% of a population are the ones you can influence. I’m not really interested in his damn rebellion anymore when he starts talking like a middle manager. The population of a country isn’t a workforce per se. This is the wrong frame of reference.

Oto. Speaking of that guy: called it. He’s just an asshole. I was kinda hoping he actually had a point to make, but whatever. Kick his ass, Gatchamans! He hurt Rui. That can not stand. Rui’s still my favorite character. Standing up for her ideals in the face of adversity. Also death. I suppose dying for your ideals still means you’re dead and you can’t really get shit done if you’re dead. But, I can appreciate an idealist. Sometimes.

Pon. Superheroes are just totally inadequate for this situation.

Oto. Uuh … how so?

Pon. I mean, Rui kinda has the right idea–part of the function of a superhero is making people want to be better by believing in them. All-Star Superman, right? But then you have Tsubasa, who thinks the right avenue for doing this is saving lives and punching bad guys. Maybe. What else can a superhero do? Well, Rui’s answer to that was to democratize superpowers. Batman Inc. This all sounds nice, I guess, but when people are relying on the benevolence of one person or a small group of people, whatever their approach, that’s another kind of dictatorship. It sounds nicer than orange hair man’s dividing people into categories of worth based on productivity or the likelihood that they’ll buy into his BS, but it still rubs me the wrong way.

Oto. Man, saving the world is hard. And complicated. And does it really need saving? Bad people happen. Good people stop ‘em. World keeps on spinnin’. We just come up with more inventive ways for it to happen. I just made myself sad. What was the point of this? I forget.

Pon. At this point the world needs saving from the mechanism that was supposed to save it.

Oto. Right, CROWDS was a bad idea. And in the last season there was an evil alien. Okay, it’s hard to talk about the superhero stuff and the real-world problem stuff at the same time.

Pon. An evil alien is what the superheroes are for. That’s superhero stuff. The problem is, it’s not their job to reorganize society. They need to cut that shit out.

Oto. Right. Exactly.

Pon. The more I think about it, the more it seems like Berg Katze won. This was the goal, right? To give people the means to act out their shitty impulses? Well, here we go.

Oto. Wow, they really did.


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