Gatchaman Crowds Insight 02

Gatchaman Crowds Insight 02: There are no heroes

Oto. The name of this episode is Penetration. Good name.

Pon. Yeah, as in market penetration. As in, make everybody use GALAX so we can monitor their every action and rig elections when we need to. What did you think it was?

Oto. Okay, that last scene scared the shit out of me. “The phone elections were a huge success. It’s almost like a game!” This is all wrong. This whole election thing just feels like the mayor guy has been manipulating them from the start. Of course he won. He gave them all cool phones and superpowers.

Pon. Yeah, direct democracy is one of these things that seems like a good idea, if we make the enormous assumption of a sufficiently well-educated and informed public, but it depends on how much you trust the people in charge of monitoring it. Which, if we’re talking about some kind of public-private partnership, I don’t. It’s sort of like communism enforced by an oligarchy in that way. Whether it’s better or worse than the gerrymandered bullshit we have in the US remains to be seen, but at least here we don’t give every podunk asshole free superpowers. You’ve gotta think about this Crowds thing in terms of whether we’d want white supremacists or Gamergaters to have it. It worries me enough that those people have easy access to guns.

Oto. Yeah. It may seem nice to think that everyone can be nice to each other so there’s no reason not to give them all superpowers, but, believe it or not, bad people exist. They will always exist. It’s okay to regulate that shit.

Pon. It’s not just that bad people exist, it’s that … what’s a nice way of saying “people are dumb most of the time?” It’s not that I think most people have bad intentions, but I don’t have a lot of faith in human decision-making. I guess you could argue that spreading around responsibility reduces error in the sense that it doesn’t matter if one person gets something wrong if 99 get it right. But then you still have the problem of the crowd being its own kind of organism. You have groupthink and crowd mentality. That’s what the first season was about.

Oto. Maybe this was a test to see how far humanity has progressed. Or a way to force people to get along or else mutually assured destruction or something like that. Seemed like Rui just felt like people could be trusted. Well … surprise. VAPE leader guy has the right idea. Well, I don’t buy into his “I’m just playing the part of the asshole” thing for one second. He’s probably just an asshole, but CROWDS is dangerous and the people need to know why.

Pon. All these sides are bad. I’m just worried for everyone.

Oto. True. On a lighter note. I don’t trust this alien lady as far as I can throw her. I don’t want an emote above my head telling everyone what I’m feeling. Also, I think she just feeds off emotions. And what was with that battle form we see her in the first time she’s on screen?

Pon. Everybody sucks.

Oto. What else? Oh, Joe/Sugane is real. So real.

Pon. It wasn’t that real in s1, but it’s preeeetty real now.


3 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds Insight 02

  1. Day says:

    Y’know, I haven’t been interested at all in this season, I’ve somehow managed to remain uninterested despite all the gushing delight people have been expressing, but then you said Joe/Sugane, and suddenly, I’m intrigued.

    I am a sad human who should be cast into a volcano :(


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