Choujin Sentai Jetman 45-46

Choujin Sentai Jetman 45: Hot milk

Oto. “Hot Milk of Victory” sounds like the title to a Gai/Ryu douj. You did not disappoint.

Pon. When you watch a show like this, you accept the premise that the heroes will win through hard work and a commitment to justice. Right? Well, the only reason the Jetmans aren’t dead this time is because of the villains’ internal politics. It’s like they decided with this arc that they were sick of super sentai and wanted to do a mecha show.

Oto. I’m okay with this. It works in Jetman.

Pon. Then they need to mass-produce the robots and assemble a fleet. I mean, if they aren’t magic ancient artifacts or whatever, why not? Commander lady could pilot one.

Oto. Fuck yeah! A couple things. “What if Great Icarus and Tetra Boy could fuse?” Now you’re thinking with sentai. Also, I love that the limitations of the machine don’t mean shit. As long as Gai has the strength to hold on, they will not fall. This is what super sentai is all about.

Pon. And politics.

Oto. Pfffft! Sorry. The Great Tomato King’s design makes me chuckle. He is a great tomato to be sure, but what’s he got that makes him a king? A crown? Fuck that. Slap a shogi king on his head and call it a day.

Pon. He’s the biggest tomato. He could step on any other tomato. He seized the throne by force.

Oto. He’s not even a real tomato. He’s just Nickelodeon Gak in disguise.

Pon. As are we all.


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