Gatchaman Crowds Insight 01

Gatchaman Crowds Insight 01: World peace

Pon. So does Berg Katze seriously live inside Hajime’s Oh man! This world sucks!

Oto. It’s … something. I won’t say it sucks.

Pon. It’s hilarious. The Gatchamans are both the drivers of pop culture and the power behind the throne. They’re fucking Rupert Murdoch.

Oto. Well when you put it like that, yeah, it kinda sucks. But it’s not all bad.

Pon. I guess it depends on how you feel about benevolent dictatorship.

Oto. More alien stories need to be like this. They see an alien and are just like, “Shrug. Oh no, my rice fields. Oh look, an alien. That’s cool. Let’s be friends.” Also, the alien didn’t just wanna be evil. She’s like six or something. I guess that’s one way to do the alien being curious about everything ‘cause new planet and all.

Pon. Fortunately the alien’s motives seem to line up with the Gatchamans…es. Be happy or else. I think there are two reasons why people aren’t fazed, though. One, they have aliens already. Aliens are NBD. And two, all the “civilians” in this show are sheep.

Oto. What struck me the most is how the alien showing up didn’t actually start a new plotline. She’s just there now. The big thing for this episode was white-haired lady becoming a Gatchaman.

Pon. Maybe she’ll be like the Rubik’s cube alien. Just, you know, extant. But probably stuff’s gonna happen with the alien. Relax.

Oto. Yeah, obviously. I should hope so. But she just kinda showed up and hung out for a while.

Pon. And made everybody’s internal reality visible.

Oto. What an asshole.

Pon. They’ve successfully made the terrorists who suck at their job the most sympathetic faction for me. Yeah, I VAPE! You got a problem?

Oto. This episode was hectic. Too much shit’s going on all at once. It’s like that one asshole who keeps switching channels when the commercials come on.

Pon. It’s performative of the setting. How about that? Huh? What do you have to say about that? Performative.

Oto. I get ya. It feels appropriate. Just makes me nervous.

Pon. That’s the world they live in. It’s nerve-wracking. They’re always being bombarded with information. So another way of looking at the UFO is, it’s just another piece of information. They’ve been desensitized to basically everything.

Oto. I don’t know how to feel about that.

Pon. That’s all you have to say? You don’t know how to feel about that?

Oto. If I had something to say I’d know how to feel about it!


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