Senki Zesshou Symphogear 06

Senki Zesshou Symphogear 06: Why doesn't anybody use guns?

Oto. I am often consumed by darkness when I “touch Durendal.”

Pon. America! We’ll kill your minister of defense or whatever because you don’t buy enough weapons from us. Actually, that doesn’t sound implausible … let me put my thing first.

Oto. Mine’s gotta be first. It’s just a stupid joke.

Pon. Mine is also a stupid joke. You get all the stupid joke slots. Always monopolizing the stupid jokes.

Oto. Hibiki’s girlfriend better be careful. Tsubasa’s gone all dere.

Pon. I don’t think the show ships those two. It’s not subtle about who it ships.

Oto. Good. I hate that yuri plot where one of them sees the other hanging out with someone else and immediately assumes they’re cheating. Also totally a yaoi plot, BTW.

Pon. Maybe it’s just a … bear with me … romance cliche?

Oto. Shut up.

Pon. Anyway, I’m starting to suspect that Girlfriend’s there to provide some drama when the show gets into a rut and just blathers about pretend politics for 18 minutes.

Oto. Answer me this. Why are there big-ass windows in both the library and the hospital wing in such a way that you can just look in on sick people? And Girlfriend could spot Hibiki hangin’ with Tsubasa.

Pon. A construction crew came in and installed those between episodes 5 and 6 so the plot could continue.

Oto. Convenient.


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