Hyouka 09

Hyouka 09: Yes

Oto. Jesus. I feel like I’m watching Case Closed again. Except the mystery they’re trying to solve hasn’t been written yet. They’re writing a story by solving the mystery presented in the story. That’s cool.

Pon. They bring up Sherlock Holmes, but you can’t really make a formula out of Sherlock Holmes. You can’t do that character again. He solves mysteries by knowing the shape and size of every blade of grass in London or whatever. It’s entertaining, but it only really works once. You can remake Sherlock Holmes, but you can’t make another character like that, I don’t think. I feel like mystery writers owe a lot more to Agatha Christie. Not that I’m a mystery genre pro.

Oto. Right. I think they should just go with the third idea. Crazy masked vengeful ghost killer. It’s the least boring. It might not be that mentally stimulating, but at least it’s got spectacle. And this is the reason why they don’t make mystery movies anymore. I feel like a bad person now.

Pon. When it was the first guy talking, the spectacle guy, you wanted it to be a psychological thriller. Make up your damn mind.

Oto. Yeah, based on Japanese ghost stories. I was complaining that he didn’t use Japanese myth. Needed more spectacle. His idea was boring. Locked rooms are boring. Everyone and their second cousin’s aunt has used the locked room.

Pon. Making it fantasy would introduce a whole plethora of other problems, though. Fucking, believe me. Fantasy has to be internally consistent. I think there are a lot of similarities between fantasy stories and mystery stories …

Oto. Oh God, I opened a can of wyrms.

Pon. … in terms of establishing rules and sticking to them, but the thing that has to be solved is different. It’s more about figuring out some quirk of the setting than a quirk of human nature. The human nature stuff is expressed through how people use the setting. Magic, right? So, I mean, it’d be a totally different kind of story.

Oto. Exactly. It would say something about human nature through its fears and supernatural elements. I’m saying it should be a different story. Or rather, I just want to see that story now. They can keep doing whatever they want with this one.

Pon. Well, yeah, that’s just how fantasy works. Magic is the will made manifest, right? The internal made external. Your magic is your self. The magic duel is a dialogue with a lot of spectacle. Or not, if it’s a subtle kind of magic.

Oto. We stopped talking about Hyouka after a while there.

Pon. You shouldn’t have gotten me started. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

Oto. I’m gonna get some shallow things out of the way real quick. I like the new lady in this episode. The third mystery lady. And it’s for a horrible reason. It’s cause her shirt is one size too big. I like that.

Pon. Good. I like Chitanda’s “damn kids” face when they all react to the whiskey chocolate. Chitanda knows what’s up.

Oto. It’s cool that we ended up interacting with Hyouka in the same way that the characters were interacting with the mystery movie. You mentioned at one point that it would be hard to cut off someone’s arm in such a small room. You’re thinking like an anime detective.

Pon. I am an anime detective.


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