Choujin Sentai Jetman 43-44

Choujin Sentai Jetman 43: Jesus Christ

Pon. Holy shit. Crucified.

Oto. The putties were all thinking, “Oh man, we finally get to hit them!”

Pon. My question after 43 is just, why the hell doesn’t the commander pilot one of the robots all the time? Normally all she does is look at a TV screen and yell, “Vyram!” But if she can use the robot, why the hell not? Get in the fucking robot.

Oto. Yeah, I hope we learn about her teenage days when she was in a fuckin metal band. Or that she was the leader of an all-girl bike gang … On a side note. I must say, I support Gai’s fashion sense with that brown sports coat and Hawaiian shirt combo.

Pon. You would.

Choujin Sentai Jetman 44: Maximum wiener

Oto. Gotta say, was not expecting that when Gai stood up.

Pon. I didn’t think we’d need two pictures in this one, but … wow. Gai’s guy. Okay.

Oto. I guess he doesn’t get much of an opportunity to break out his speedo. That made me hyper perceptive of all the robot ass shots in this episode. Speaking of robots, how do you like that transition? Good, right?

Pon. 4/10.

Oto. Veronica’s badass. They’ve started using more foam to make their giants.

Pon. It’s a good-ass robot, especially for a live-action show, but … that name. Is it Tran’s robot girlfriend? Is he a big Archie fan? Why Veronica?

Oto. Uuh … fuck it. Demon Robot Veronica! Strike fear into the hearts of men! Oh, I know. Cause she’s sexy and needs a sexy name.

Pon. Yeah … so, Tran’s robot girlfriend, then.


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