Gatchaman Crowds Insight 00

Gatchaman Crowds Insight 00: Shut up

Pon. Episode 0? Do we have to watch this?

Oto. Apparently there’s new shit.

Pon. Fine. Let’s review. The first season, which we watched before we started wasting everybody’s time here, pretended to be a superhero show but was actually about Zuckerberg/Brin except a trans girl who made a deal with an alien to make Super LINE for the good of humanity … that sure was a show, wasn’t it?

Oto. Also, everyone’s a superhero now. So I guess no one’s a superhero?

Pon. Yeah, it’s about the potential of web 2.0 to remove the need for superheroes, to crowdsource saving the day, but even in that show it didn’t always work right. The problem and the solution to the problem were all the same thing. It turned out that giving disgruntled randos superpowers without vetting them was a really bad idea.

Oto. I’m excited. I want to see how giving everyone in the world a super weapon worked out.

Pon. The end of Crowds wasn’t super optimistic about it.

Oto. Know what they need?

Pon. What?

Oto. Crowd control.

Pon. Fuck off.

Oto. SURPRISE! It was a bad idea.

Pon. Yeah, the first season postulated a world that didn’t need superheroes, and then they went ahead and gave anon superpowers and created a world that definitely needs superheroes.

Oto. I forgot about a couple things. Like how Katze is just in Hajime’s head now. I’m glad. Favorite character. Well … top 5. Also that there could be a whole lot more Gatchamans.

Pon. I forgot that the music is awesome.

Oto. I wasn’t sure about having to watch the transformations, but realized halfway through that I was really excited about watching them all transform.

Pon. This show is good at generating hype. Which I guess is appropriate. I noticed while glancing over the episode titles that they’re all marketing terms. Ominous.


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