Hyouka 08

Hyouka 08: Nuh

Pon. Maybe we should talk about how one can simultaneously enjoy watching Oreki and want to punch him in the mouth. You know what I mean? He’s a pain in the ass, but he’s fun to watch.

Oto. I think that pretty much covers it.

Pon. I’ve been thinking about this lately. With regard to idol shows, though. I suspect the reason most of those characters are so boring is because they’re supposed to be “likable.” They aren’t allowed to be complex. They can’t make mistakes with lasting consequences or have hangups that matter much beyond their self-contained arcs. They’re supposed to move product. And the ones who are complex get a lot of shit for it.

Oto. Also, these “likable” characters are all the same. They’re cardboard cutouts you can slot into your show. We’ve seen it before. Many times. I’m sure we’ll see them again. Even if they were fun at first, they’re just boring now.

Pon. Anyway, the best thing about this episode is how all the kids in the film act badly in different ways.

Oto. It’s certainly fun to watch. You know what isn’t? Jerky CG. Just throwin that in there. I kinda liked the panning shots at first, but it just gave me a headache the 20 billionth time they did it.

Pon. It’s hard, I guess. They have to coordinate the CG frames with the character frames.

Oto. I gotta ask. What happened to the writer of this movie exactly? They say she fell ill, but is she just dying? Was she eaten by a bear? Why can’t she keep writing the movie? I’m gonna feel really bad if she ends up dead. She’s gonna be dead, isn’t she? I feel bad now.

Pon. She worked herself into illness. It’s very Victorian.

Oto. I just realized how cool this plot is. They have to work out who the culprit is by finding the horror movie clues.

Pon. Yeah, they have to decide what the best ending would be based on which mystery-writing maneuvers are in the film already.

Oto. In the next episode they go over the film and come to the sudden realization that it all actually happened. They meet up with the “actors” and they really talk like that. The writer can’t finish it because she died in that old hotel.

Pon. With special guest director M. Night Shyamalan.


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