Kyousougiga 10

Kyousougiga 10: Meta

Oto. Sure are a lot of Jesii in this universe.

Pon. Is that, like, multiple Jesuses?

Oto. Yes. Why do gods make such shitty parents? Every one of them.

Pon. Because they’re all children, basically.

Oto. They really are. God was just being selfish, and Proto-God was kinda just doing the same thing when he was all, “Here’s some worlds. Go take care of them for me, would ya?”

Pon. The show should’ve ended with the kids being like, fuck this, we’re atheists now.

Oto. I kinda like this religion. All the gods suck and everyone knows it, but they’re still gods, so what can you do but shrug? And I guess they’re not all bad. They seem to get a little wiser through the generations.

Pon. Yeah, maybe this is why I don’t have a hard time with the plot. Gods do what they want. That’s … sort of the point. So they can get away with anything in terms of modifying the setting. Also, the important thing is working out the family stuff, so it doesn’t really matter whether the universe is destroyed, though working out the family stuff is also saving the universe. Because they’re gods.

Oto. That’s just what gods do, I guess. Fucking with the fabric of reality by just having a family argument.

Pon. God dammit.

Oto. I had this idea in my head that the old gods get their own retirement home planes. Proto-God had that weird construction heaven thing, and God gets the mirror confetti world.

Pon. Yeah, the 26th-episode-of-Evangelion plane.

Oto. So, I’m not sure I can say this is my favorite show of all time, but I don’t have any major complaints. The only thing I can think to say at this point is … well, I guess I get it. I was gonna say that you can’t fix family problems by punching them in the face, but I guess this is a weird scenario. They’re not exactly real world people. They’re gods. They don’t know what subtlety is. And I can’t deny that I’m always behind a good face punch method. And not everything in art has to relate directly to real life or be some kind of social commentary, right?

Pon. It does relate to real life. It just doesn’t try to be one-to-one realism. Which, in the world of memes and stuff, is about the least realistic kind of fiction imaginable.


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