Choujin Sentai Jetman 39-40

Choujin Sentai Jetman 40: Disposable Jetmans

Oto. Sniper Cat. SNIPER Cat. Seriously, why didn’t he just stand on a building from across the street and shoot them while they were taking a shit?

Pon. I don’t know what the answer to this question is.

Oto. The obvious answer is because Jetman base doesn’t have windows, but you get my point. So are we still going on with this Gai and Kaori together shit? I mean, Kaori is only in it because she feels bad that Gai almost died that one time, and Gai has that look like he regrets ever creeping on her in the elevator.

Pon. He said Ryu’s name first when he was lamenting how they’re all the toys of themselves now.

Oto. He always says Ryu’s name first. Literally every time. We’ve probably already commented on that given how much he does it. They’re not giving us much work. They’ve practically already written Gai/Ryu themselves.

Pon. I’ve been thinking it was Ryu/Gai.

Oto. Yeah, I get ya.

Pon. Oh, it’s the mass-produced Jetmans. It’s that plot.

Oto. I was okay with the Neo Jetmans. They were arrogant and ignorant of the situation, but they were tough and had cool weapons and were kinda like ninjas. Cyborg ninjas. I would be okay if Jetman got an upgrade. But you do not, DO NOT, touch another man’s robot. You lost me when you stole Jet Icarus. I guess, to be fair, they’ve got about a million robots at this point. They could use some extra pilots, but Icarus was their first. The true Jet Machine. Fuck you. You are not welcome here any longer.

Pon. You know what I realized? Joe in Gatchaman Crowds isn’t Joe from Gatchaman. He’s fucking Gai from Jetman. Think about it.

Oto. … Yeah. I get ya.

Pon. Jetman is an homage to Gatchaman, so I guess it’s possible.


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