Senki Zesshou Symphogear 02

Senki Zesshou Symphogear 02: AAAAAAH

Oto. Jesus the Christ! What the fuck is that ending?

Pon. Art.

Oto. It goes from Johnny Quest to X. I want this show’s soundtrack as my background music. I want to live a life where that is possible.

Pon. I can listen to eurobeat only when I’m driving. I guess it’s a problem that it makes me want to drift down the highway, though.

Oto. Gotta chase those curves, man.

Pon. No, it’s a suburban state highway. There are no curves.

Oto. That’s why you have to chase them.

Pon. This is why you can’t use kids as soldiers. Always getting mad about their dead girlfriends and stuff. Damn kids.

Oto. Now I just feel bad for Yuri Friend. When’s she get her Symphogear? I guess maybe after her friend dies and everyone loses. Ya know, like in the first 10 seconds of the first episode.

Pon. Nah, that won’t happen. It’s a rule that the foreshadowing in the first half-minute of anime never comes true. Not exactly. Gurren Lagann?

Oto. I suppose. So this episode is very anime-y. Kinda goofy. Was just waiting for more awesome, TBH. Not bad, they just had to get some exposition out of the way in a very anime way. Episode 2 in shows like this is always the worst. It’s just people sitting around expositing. Unfortunately the people who make these shows haven’t figured out how to make exposition interesting yet.

Pon. It’s fine. They got the fight in there. It was only one fight, which is more like you’d expect. Not every episode can have fifteen fucking fights in it.

Oto. Hey, man. You can’t tell them what to do.

Pon. Who? The people who made the show?

Oto. Yeah, I guess.

Pon. They do what they want. Clearly.


2 thoughts on “Senki Zesshou Symphogear 02

  1. A Day Without Me says:

    I should re-watch this. I can’t re-experience the glory that was watching this on Nico Nico (PROUD MEMBER OF THE SINGLE DIGIT-NUMBERED BAND OF PEOPLE STILL COMMENTING BY THE FINAL EPISODE), but I think it’d still be fun.


    1. The first season is so much better the second time around. Its still a mess in many ways, but all the important character stuff is there, things that are still paying off now 3 seasons later.

      Hibiki and Tsubasa’s growth as characters has been amazing.


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