Choujin Sentai Jetman 33-34

Choujin Sentai Jetman 34: He'll be back

Oto. Mika has a dream where her dad is too busy working on her present to acknowledge her. That’s fuckin deep, man.

Pon. Is it?

Oto. Yes.

Pon. I was hoping she’d be Mega Man, basically. The benevolent scientist’s secret project. All these villains are Mega Man X villains anyway. Except there wasn’t anybody in Mega Man X who, uh, shot viscous white fluid.

Oto. Speaking of viscous white fluid, Gai is so uke.

Pon. He’s probably an aggressive uke, though.

Oto. He’s the kind of uke that wants to be seme, and Ryu gives him a chance every once in a while, but when Gai’s on top Ryu’s just like, “Aww, that’s nice.”

Pon. I think you’re really mischaracterizing the aggressive bottom there.

Oto. So, why Adhesive Cockroach? Why fuck around with random inanimate objects? Why not Gun Cockroach?

Pon. Rusty Homemade Shank Cockroach, even. Jesus.

Oto. I think Ryu is a little too goofy to pull off a Red X plot. Not sure I buy him as a possible villain. Though, he could just be hiding his insanity from that episode where he saw Rie everywhere. He’s not, but I’d buy it.

Pon. It’s not him, it’s his T-800 equivalent. He probably should’ve gone for a more subtle costume than Terminator cosplay, though.

Oto. Yeah, you know, if they can just carelessly build androids, why not just build an android army?

Pon. Uh … because they watched Terminator.

Oto. They don’t have to give them the ability to make decisions. Have them be like, “Hello, Dave, should I kill all humans? Yes or no.” It’s this kind of shit that gets everyone in trouble. This, evolving AIs, AIs with personalities. They don’t need that shit. In fact, AIs are stupid. Just don’t make ‘em. They can be easily replaced with simple programs. They’re just making shit more complicated by trying to make it simpler. It’s like Windows. Don’t pull a Windows.

Pon. What, you only use artisanally-crafted free-range organic DOS? Shut the hell up. You don’t even know how to configure a fucking router.

Oto. One time. It was one time!


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