Kyousougiga 06

Kyousougiga 06: He hasn't killed the dad though

Oto. OOOOOHH! You’re going to need some ointment for that SICK BURN!

Pon. You can do better than that. Like, “A pomegranate is sweet, but is it as sweet as THAT SWEET-ASS BURN?”

Oto. I have failed you all. I can’t decide if old Myoue is really fuckin sinister or really fuckin stupid.

Pon. He does what he wants, but there’s an innocence to him. Death doesn’t mean much to him. I don’t know if he grasps the idea that he might be taking something away from Yakushimaru, rather than giving him something. Anyway, the pomegranate makes a lot more sense now. More than you realize.

Oto. The council of three scenes remind me of the student council meetings from Utena. Unfortunately they don’t play old maid in a sea of balloons. They’re both the “bad guys” discussing their nefarious plans in crazy rooms.

Pon. This is one of those episodes where the point was to get to the next episode. There’s some interesting stuff with the family relationship in the next episode. This one has the robot fight, though.

Oto. I like to think the soundtrack of the cosmic insides of that robot is a constant loop of the Gigantor theme slowed down by half.

Pon. Probably. It probably isn’t the Tetsujin 28 theme, anyway.

Oto. I must say, this episode has the heaviest use of the “stomach growl for mood lightening.” “Hey, you’re immortal now.” “I’m a monster!” Stomach growl. Everyone smiles. They live happily. No. Fuck you. No. Well, “happily.”

Pon. Once he eats their food, he’s trapped forever.

Oto. Never trust magicians and their rabbit wives.


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