Hyouka 03

Hyouka 03: You okay, camera guy?

Pon. Extreme framing!

Oto. Aww, the clock pendulum turned back into a circle. Clock blocked.

Pon. It’s a different clock, but okay. I know what you mean. The focus changes to a different clock. I’ll give you that one.

Oto. Does no one in this show know how to use a brush? The main characters all have messy hair. Except when Chitanda is in her school uniform, I guess. Then she brushes. I guess it’s just kind of an anime thing for the main guys to have messy hair.

Pon. It’s a way of using their hair to set them apart without making their hair blue or green or whatever.

Oto. I like that Gordon Freeman opened a coffee shop in Japan after he retired. Alternately, Bob Ross has been hiding out in a Japanese coffee shop.

Pon. They get their coffee, and there’s happy trees drawn in the foam.

Oto. I like that part where Oreki is taking his midterms. It shows him taking the test interlaced with cuts of him studying for the past few days. Nice cinematography. Good job.

Pon. I like that you’re pointing out the visual stuff that isn’t “ordinary things presented as though they’re matters of life and death,” which is important, as you’ll see, but it’s also 80% of the show and pretty obvious without us mentioning it. The attention to detail in the parts that don’t matter as much is also good.

Oto. I want to hug poster guy. He seems stressed. He needs a hug.

Pon. He needs a cigarette.


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