Choujin Sentai Jetman 31-32

Choujin Sentai Jetman 31: You never taught me how to love

Pon. Ryu/Gai is strong in this episode. Like, the look on Gai’s face when he’s riding on the horse with Kaori … that’s the look of a man realizing he’s in precisely the opposite of the place he wants to be.

Oto. Hmm … well that didn’t last long. I was hoping for a little more out of Pillar Man 1. Should’ve gone for some kind of giant robot chariot fight. That would’ve been awesome. And pineapples? Really?

Pon. Touhou hat lady actually acts when she turns back into Ryu’s dead girlfriend. She looks genuinely traumatized there. Her last memory is explosive decompression in space, and then she keeps being forcibly transformed. After one of these transformations she’s just gonna be scrambled. Her face ends up on her ass.

Oto. Yeah, not sure what happened there. They got a decent actor and told her to act bad on purpose. Cause, ya know, sentai bad guy.

Pon. She’s the best villain anyway. She whips you, then steps on you, which just edges her above the cigar-smoking, whiskey-drinking robot, as far as I’m concerned.

Oto. Not that I’m an expert on giant robot designs, but they should have gone with something other than cardboard boxes for Tetra Boy. The legs at least. Maybe some ducts or something. Shit, this is easy. I should make a sentai show.

Pon. Yeah, let’s do it. Fukyuuger.

Oto. …

Choujin Sentai Jetman 32: MUSTA BEEN SOMETHIN YA SAID

Pon. OH MY GOD, GAI … there has to be some douj of this. It’s canon as shit.

Oto. It’s so fucking real. So, it occurs to me that Jetman is goddamn pathetic. Ryu is just perpetually insane because his girlfriend “died.” Gai is 12. Raita’s an idiot. Kaori is rich. Ako’s a teenager. Okay, those first two are really all I’m talking about. These people suck and this might be the most interesting super sentai team for it.


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