Love Live! S2 12

Love Live! S2 12: Deep

Oto. Eh, george was better.

Pon. George was robbed.

Oto. Little g.

Pon. George was robbed of the capital G. I refuse to bend my knee to this show’s biased capitalization.

Oto. It didn’t feel like much happened this episode. They were just kind of repeating themselves.

Pon. What got on my nerves is, it felt like the characters were talking to the audience half the time. They just said, fuck it, no more pretense, 100% fanservice. Also, they should’ve saved Snow Halation until the end. That was a better song. Don’t listen to me, though. I’m numb to this music at this point. Hey, there should be a show about a vaporwave idol group. It would be fucking terrible, but in a self-aware way.

Oto. I still like it a little.

Pon. It’s weird how the third-years never talk about what they’re going to do after high school. That almost always comes up. I guess we can assume Nico wants to be an idol forever? What I actually think will happen is she’ll end up as Ritsuko from im@s, but meaner. And then I guess Nozomi will do tarot readings in an alley somewhere, and Eli will join the KGB.

Oto. Saying Eli will join the KGB made me want a G Gundam-esque idol show. Every country has their own group that battles for the right to run the world government. I feel like I’ve said this already.

Pon. Simon Cowell is Master Asia.

Oto. I don’t know how they got any sleep at the school. I would just be anxious the whole time.

Pon. Yeah, I never trusted people who weren’t in a hurry to get home from school. It’s the same with work. If you’ve done your eight hours and don’t have anything else to do and you’re sitting there on your phone, you’re fucking up to something. Stay away from me.


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