Hyouka 02

Hyouka 02: Wordhead

Oto. Jesus God, this show is fun to watch. Wait, have we talked about the ending yet? This ending is terrible. Why is it here?

Pon. The second ending is a lot better.

Oto. Anyway, the visuals are well done. We’ve already gone over that. I don’t really know how to talk about that stuff without just explaining a scene. Go watch it. The dialogue is well done. Been over that one too. I’m just repeating myself at this point.

Pon. What you need to do now is pick out specific examples. Like, it’s interesting how Oreki’s thought processes, even considering that the show has to convey them visually because it’s a TV show, are based in language. You get instances of people whose bodies are partially or entirely replaced by kanji. And then Chitanda is the notable exception to this. She’s always a jorogumo or a dog or has light shining out of her face, but she’s never occluded by language. There’s something more primal about his attitude toward her. Which, you know … makes sense.

Oto. I get how it works, but then I’d just be saying the same thing every episode. I don’t wanna do that. I’m just getting it all out there. Quick and dirty. I’m not just gonna sit here and describe the show scene for scene. You may as well be watching it at that point. And this is all I know how to say about these things.

Pon. Go back and look at how that person I linked last time does it. You just have to be specific, is all.

Oto. I was just putting up the list so I could add to it. The new thing on the list is audio. Someone working on this show gave a shit about the audio. When the camera zooms out on Mayaka she actually sounds farther away and in a big room. It’s the little details that count. It shows effort.

Pon. I guess I can talk about color? Not that I’m an art master, but I always pay attention to color when choosing Pixiv favorites or whatever. This show is very yellow except when something’s happening. Then you get the gray having a fight with everything else.

Oto. I noticed the school library actually looks like a school library. I feel like that doesn’t happen very often in anime. Anime schools are always huge and extravagant.

Pon. Yeah, I like that the clubroom isn’t a random featureless closet somewhere. It’s a science classroom. Various science implements in the cabinets.

Oto. I haven’t really thought of anything to say story-wise for this show. Wait. I kind of have. I don’t know about their 4th. I feel like I’m being kinda mean here, but she feels like a late addition. I was okay with just the first three. I don’t dislike her. And I can’t really say she’s late. It’s only the second episode. I just get that feeling with how they introduced her. And this fucks up the love triangle.

Pon. She has a purpose. I think she’s the genre-savvy one? I can’t really remember. I dunno. She’s good, though. Anyway, at this point I think you’re getting a feel for how this show operates plot-wise. There’s all this visual and writing effort devoted to these fairly mundane or personal things. The result is a low-level anxiety that doesn’t exactly explode and ruin everybody’s day at the end of an arc, but it doesn’t go away, either. It feels like … high school. Ugh. Urgh.


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