Kyousougiga 04

Kyousougiga 04

Oto. Aww. AWWWWWWW! Little sad now.

Pon. Why?

Oto. Just cause Yase is sad about forgetting about shit. She’s sad that her mom left and wants to always remember every memory.

Pon. She has all these “friends.” The blue butler, the birdman in a suit, etc. But she cares more about her stuff.

Oto. I do like the monster people. Yase has a good aesthetic with her European style mansion and monster people in suits. Just sayin.

Pon. That’s true. I can’t deny it. They’re all bad people, though. Kurama is a straight-up asshole in this episode. He knows what’s gonna happen with the cup and everything.

Oto. Kurama’s bad. The others are fine so far. Yase just has a temper.

Pon. All these people care about is what they can get out of Koto. I feel like I might be trying to have this conversation too early, since what we’ve seen so far is relatively benign. The show sets you up to have this shallow kind of sympathy for the older siblings. At this point they’re fun roadblocks in the fairy tale world. Amusement park rides, basically. Well, no. Not really.

Oto. I mean, I suppose. But, if you want to get technical, the only reason we hang out with anyone at all is because we can get something out of them.

Pon. Yeah, I guess, but they’re supposed to be a family.

Oto. Jesus, writing that out made me feel stupid. I just thought it’d be funny. Anyway, you’re right about the siblings’ attitude towards Koto, but that doesn’t seem like a terrible thing at this point. They haven’t started doing crazy experiments on her or anything. They’ve been generally nice to her.

Pon. I’m glad your reaction is what it is. We’ll see what happens with that.


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