Love Live! S2 11

Love Live! S2 11

Pon. Can we just quote this? Can that be our post?

Oto. Don’t listen to Ondore’s lies. Also, that’s what everyone says. We already talked about that.

Pon. I like how Nico is practical about all this. People graduate from high school. That’s kind of the point of high school. It becomes a big deal when you make a big deal out of it. Happy fuckin’ birthday, Nico.

Oto. I have a question. How well do these characters even know each other? They say it in this episode. The only time they hang out is to practice and for concerts. The show hasn’t really shown me anything that would make be believe that they won’t just forget about each other a month after they graduate.

Pon. My question is how well they like each other. My favorite interactions are between characters who seem not to like each other very much. Like, Kotori never has time for Nico’s BS. It’s great. I have to admit, I’m a little impressed at how the show takes advantage of the titanic hydra cast to machine-gun cliches at the end there. It’s like the assassination of Julius Caesar. With sentimentalism instead of daggers to the lungs, though. I dunno, am I being an asshole here? High school graduation was not that sad for me. I don’t sit around wishing it had been sad. And, yeah, I participated in things that had to end when we all left. We had shit to do. We were slightly regretful, but we were excited. I don’t think the world would be a better place if graduating seniors stood around at train stations screaming at the top of their lungs as if they were burning to death. Remember how in K-On they cried once? And they didn’t spend the last quarter of the show with jiggly eyes? Yeah. K-On.

Oto. Oh my god. I was gonna make a joke about how you are just an asshole, but that line’s so buried it doesn’t make sense. Now I just want you to stop fucking writing.

Pon. Sorry.

Oto. STOP WRITING! I agree, though. I will say, I’m pretty bad about getting super sad when something I like comes to an end. Shows and shit like that mostly. I’m pretty sentimental, so I can’t be too hard on them.

Pon. I’m capable of it, but I guess endings aren’t the thing that does it for me. Like, in Aria, I think the episodes with the gondola and the one about the cat ghost are a lot more sad than the ending. The ending’s sad, but it also means that opportunities are opening up for the characters. Those workers whose corpses are the grains of sand on the pristine Martian beach they fuck around at aren’t coming back. They’re a part of history … yeah, I think history makes me sad.


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