Hyouka 01

Hyouka 01: He can wait

Oto. See that there? That pin he’s got on with the 1 on it? I like that. I like when Japanese uniforms have year pins. Persona does that.

Pon. Come on. That’s what you’re gonna talk about?

Oto. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Now then. OH MY GOD! WHY ARE WE WATCHING LOVE LIVE!? We could’ve been watching this the whole time.

Pon. Sometimes it’s interesting to try to figure out why the zeitgeist exists. Then again, yeah, you’re right. I keep telling you we should just watch good shows from now on, but you’re always like, no, I hate happiness.

Oto. This show is amazingly fun to watch. I love just watching these characters interact. It’s so fluid.

Pon. Apparently some commenters on ANN were having the KyoAni argument again recently. You know the one. It’s not like everything they make is wonderful, but I’d be pretty suspicious of anyone who doesn’t realize how consistently their directors give a shit about dialogue and cinematography as storytelling vehicles. They have a way of elevating the source material. Like, the jorogumo thing … I don’t think I realized the first time that the fake club Oreki comes up with is the Jorogumo Club. Because that’s how he sees Chitanda that one time! So you realize it’s not just an extravagant visual, it’s this guy’s train of thought. There’s a lot we could say about the visual stuff and why it matters if we wanted these posts to have a GB of images and take six hours to write. I’ll just defer to this person.

Oto. 0.0 I totally missed that. Can I do that? Can I do emotes?

Pon. I guess.

Oto. I have to. It perfectly reflects what I’m feeling. I’ve watched one episode of this show and it’s got me pumped. Anyway, how the characters interact with the world is awesome. Like when Oreki goes to get the key but someone’s in that room so he just walks out. It’s such a simple thing, but that’s all you need. He didn’t need 5 minutes of internal monologue about how he avoids people. He knows why he avoids people. I mean, what would you do? It’s just a reflex at this point. He just does it.

Pon. “Show, don’t tell,” right? Everything you need to know to level with these characters, you learn within five minutes of seeing them the first time. That’s KyoAni. They take these stories about jerking around at school and treat them like arthouse film.

Oto. I feel like this is a bad thing to say, but the way these characters act makes them feel real. Chitanda is kind of over the top, but she does it in a way that seems like someone being a little over the top. It’s not like crazy anime over the top. Basically, it feels like they put some goddamn effort in. So maybe it’s not that they feel like real people, just that they’re well written.

Pon. Well, the banter is good. We keep coming back to this “naturalistic dialogue” thing … from what I recall, I said last time that a cartoon is only going to be so representative of reality. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be “real” in the sense of “Steven Universe is the realest.” The dialogue in this show contributes to the realness. Just because they’re always messing with each other, verbally fencing. It may not always be 100% representative of the way high school kids in Japan talk to each other, but you get caught up in it kind of how you would in an actual conversation. There’s a rhythm to it. Basically, banter is my fucking fetish, is what I’m saying to you. This is making me realize that the sentimental slice of life shows I drop my defenses for are the ones whose dialogue I like, whereas something like Love Live

Oto. Yes! That’s it exactly! I understand now … I wasn’t sure how much I was gonna like Oreki, but he’s appealing in a way. I was, and sort of still am, worried that he’s just the kind of guy that doesn’t want to deal with anything. I mean, that’s exactly the kind of guy he is, and that pisses me off a little, but something about how he lets his boner do his thinking for him sometimes makes him more appealing. It’s like, because he’s kind of pathetic he’s more appealing. Pathetic in a way we all are. Not that being attracted to someone is pathetic. Oh, you get what I’m saying.

Pon. Yeah, he’s relatable. He solves these little mysteries half to eliminate these minor disruptions that harsh his mellow, half because of his hair fetish. I can relate. Not to the hair fetish, but, you know.

Oto. Love Satoshi. Great bro. I want him … Wait! … No, yeah, I want him.

Pon. You want to be best bros with him like Oreki is. Guy pals.

Oto. … Yeah …


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