Choujin Sentai Jetman 27-28

Choujin Sentai Jetman 28: Little off the top

Pon. In episode 27 three of the Jetmans die and Ryu goes to hell to get them back. I don’t think this one even needs to be elaborated upon. Nothing we say can make this more metal. Next episode.

Oto. Umm … yeah. That was something. I liked it. Let’s move on.

Pon. What’s the lifespan of a dimensional beast? So this guy integrates into society. Now what? Does he die in four years like a replicant? Can’t Vyram turn off the facehugger thing that lets him live?

Oto. You can’t turn it off. It’s some kind of space bug. Anyway. I like this episode. I mean like in all super sentai shows. This is a good plot. Lets you sympathize with the bad guy. Also, this episode proves that if Vyram had a little structure they might actually get shit done. The putties are clearly receptive to training. If Dryer Dimension was just an asshole the Jetmans would be toast.

Pon. They can’t bring an army, though. It’s not a war story. It’s a show in which the heroes go to fucking hell.

Oto. This isn’t really what I was saying, but other sentai shows had the illusion of structure at least. In this show you get the idea that Vyram is too busy fighting among themselves to actually get anything done.


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